The Wood Stove… Not for the Lazy!

by Linden on November 2, 2007

Free Wood Stove…Heating a shop (or house) with a wood stove is great for some and terrible for others.  Let’s take a look at some of things that should be considered before purchasing a wood stove.

First thing first, we should discuss the cons of a wood burring stove.  There is one major con – it’s a lot of work.

Many love their wood stoves and will plead that it’s not that big of deal but if dead batteries in a remote or running out of BBQ propane in a major inconvenience for you – burning wood is probably out of the question.

You going to need to:
• Buy your wood
• Load your wood (if its not delivered)
• Chop your wood
• Stack your wood
• Have kindling handy
• Know how to start a fire
• Clean the wood stove of ashes before each “burn”
• Be patient as it will take longer than a furnace to warm your garage
• You’ll need room to store your wood
• Clean your chimney once a year (or more often)

If you have the time, energy, and patience to take care of the above – you’ll probably love your wood stove.  Those who don’t mind the work generally do.

If you can deal with the work you will want to:

Get and air tight wood stove

It will have a manually or thermostatically controlled air intake damper to control the rate of burn and air circulation.  

Have it professionally installed

Makes dealing with the insurance company much easier should disaster strike.

Get a Free Stove!

Today, people are lazier than ever – this means that there is an abudance of wood stoves out there collecting dust.  An ad on bulletin board or I newspaper will usually yield several responses from people looking to get rid of wood stoves for next nothing.

You’ll Love It!

If you can deal with the work, chances are you’ll love your wood stove.

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Harley December 14, 2007 at 5:53 pm

Amen! I actually enjoy the whole wood burning process. I enjoy being in the woods so cutting wood is fun to me. It can be hard work but it is also enjoyable. I have a roofed area at the back of my pole barn and it’s a great place to stack up the wood so it’s always dry. Maybe I have a little pyromaniac in me but starting a fire in the wood stove is a lot of fun and doesn’t seem like work at all. It takes a while to get my large shop heated up but once it is it’s all worth it. It can do more than just heat your shop… I have fried a turkey on it, boiled the flesh off of a deer skull, heated up chili while us guys were working on a truck and a slew of other stuff. I heat both my shop and my house with a wood stove. I still have a furnace in the house and still use it too but sometimes the wood stove is just what the doctor ordered.

joe March 12, 2009 at 8:39 am

Dont Mean to offend the feller who wrote this but it sounds like hes a dammed ol city boy who aint ever worked a day in his life….

Darryl March 5, 2011 at 12:39 am

Great article…don’t mind the silly comment above. I grew up in the Northwoods of Upper Michigan and we heated out house and garages with wood for many years, like you. Yup, you got it right…nothing like wood heat.

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