Propane Heaters

by Linden on November 1, 2007

100lb Propane TankPropane as a heat source is very similar to natural gas.  It’s a liquefied gas after all.

It’s application is generally the same – forced air furnaces or infrared furnaces.    Propane can also be used with portable heaters (forced air and infrared)

Many heaters, bbq’s appliance can be converted to take propane instead of natural gas.

Propane is generally more expensive as it requires processing.
Because propane can be liquefied – it can be shipped.  Shipping natural gas is generally not an option as the volume of the gas makes it cost prohibitive.  Therefore propane is generally used where piping natural gas is cost prohibitive or not an option.

Size of Tank

Propane heaters will require 100lb tanks (or greater) to run.  Reason being that propane is pressurized.  The pressure in a standard 20lb tank (bbq) is not great enough and the propane will end up freezing in the pipes of your heater.

Buying or Renting a Tank

Many prefer to rent a tank as your propane company will generally give you a great rate.  However, purchasing a tank will allow for the negotiating of propane prices with the different suppliers in your area.  Some load the tanks in their truck and take the tanks to have them filled while most prefer to have the truck come out to their property and fill them. 

Natural Gas or Propane

Personally, I find natural gas to be a more appealing option in that the need to have the tanks filled is inconvenient – in my experience most agree and will go with natural gas of propane given the option.

A note about portable propane heaters

Some will be marked safe for indoor use.  Often they will have a low oxygen or carbon monoxide detector which will shut the heater off.  I am very skeptical about running any non vented heater indoor (even with the garage door cracked).  Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.  I personally would not run one in my garage.  

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