Choosing an Epoxy – You want to by STUCK with it for a while

by Linden on October 23, 2007

We’ve discussed ensuring you pad is suitable for an Epoxy covering and we’ve talked about prepping your garage for epoxy.

Today we will briefly discuss choosing a suitable epoxy. 

There are two main types of epoxy.  Water based and solvent based.

Water Based Epoxies
Though I’ve never worked with a water based epoxy the reality is that water based epoxies are of lower quality then solvent based epoxies.  Yes they are cheaper and yes they are easier to install but they also flake, scratch, and peel quickly.   If you are going to bother spending the time and money on an epoxy installation stick to solid solvent based solutions.

Solvent Based Epoxies
When selecting a solvent based epoxy you want to look for an epoxy with a very “high solids content”.  You will want to find a product that is and least 20 mils thick and flexible.  Many have had success with Griots Garage Products and EpoArmour Products.  Commercial products are often of superior quality though you will not find them in Home Depot or Lowes.  You will need to search the phone book for industrial suppliers.

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Craig November 10, 2007 at 11:35 am

Let me introduce you to the latest technology in garage flooring products. InstaDrive Coating Systems is a polyaspartic polyurea industrial coating that is applied completly in one day including diamond grinding for floor prepartion. You will have return to service times for foot traffic in two hours, and will be able to park on your new floor in 24 hours.
About InstaDrive

InstaDrive is a revolutionary new aliphatic polyaspartic coating system specifically designed for garage floor coatings, warehouses, commercial buildings, and as a sealer to acid stained floors and concrete overlayments. InstaDrive is a 100% polyurea system* with proprietary additives to extend pot life and increase the ease of installation.

InstaDrive was designed with the contractor and home owner in mind. A three coat, full broadcast system is installed on a standard 2-car garage is 4 hours or less**. InstaDrive is not a polyurea hybrid or an epoxy/polyurea topcoat system. We are a 100% polyurea system from top to bottom. The same polyurea product is used for the primer coat, the body coat, and the clear sealer topcoat.

What does InstaDrive mean to the home owner? The home owner is now only inconvenienced from their garage one day. You can walk on the garage floor in just 2 hours after installation and you can park on the floor in 24 hours. What does InstaDrive mean to the contractor? No more return trips to the same location and the contractor generates cash flow every day, not just every 3-4 days.

Put your garage floor coating in the Fast Lane with InstaDrive!

• InstaDrive is not 100% solids – proprietary additives are used to extend pot life and workability
** After the garage surface is properly prepared – mechanically grind to minimum 100 grit

Manufactured exclusively for Kamcrete, LLC

If you would like more information regarding this floor coating please feel free to contact me.
Craig Bookout
Web site:

dmend December 23, 2007 at 12:26 pm

I do mig welding in my garage, yet I’d like an epoxy floor finish. How well will the epoxy stand up to heat and the through-off of hot slag? Thanks, dmend

Mark March 26, 2008 at 11:55 am

If you want the ultimate in a garage floor coating system, you may want to look at polyaspartic coatings. These new coatings are revolutionizing garage floor systems. They cost only pennies more than a typical epoxy but heavily outweigh in benefits an durability. They can be installed in 1 day. And are uv stable unlike epoxies. to read more check out this article:

greer February 10, 2009 at 2:57 pm

Check out this site and compare Swisstrax Interlocking Flooring Tiles to Epoxy. Swisstrax is far superior! Stains and cracks in garage floors are not an issue when using Swisstrax. Also, Swisstrax comes with a 12 year guarentee! Should you move and/or want to change the design… no problem! It can move with you! You can easily change the design!

Check out our website and request an estimate… while you are at it, create a design with our design tool!



Ben January 31, 2012 at 11:24 am

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