It’s Electrifying – Heating the Garage with Electricity

by Linden on October 30, 2007

Construction HeaterWith the increasing cost of electricity, the use of 220/240 construction heaters is decreasing.

They still have their place for some.  I’m actually heating my garage with a basic construction heater.

I typical construction heater is going to run about 5000 watts and throw about 18000-20000 BTUs.

In my case, I am not completely finished my garage so I don’t spend that much time in it yet.  It is insulated.  I simply run the heater when I am in the garage.

A single electric heater can keep a double or smaller well insulated garage warm.  If you garage is any bigger electric heat is not an option.  By the time you purchase a couple of heaters, run the wiring etc.  it become a poor financial decision as the cost of running the two heaters is going to be terribly high.  Just invest in gas, propane, or a wood stove.  To be discussed later.

There are few pros to electric heat.

  1. You only looking at about $70.00 for an heater
  2. They are small and portable
  3. There are no fumes/venting to be concerned about
  4. Running a 220/240v circuit is easier and cheaper then running a gas line
  5. Less concerns if you are fishing or painting in your garage as there isn’t a fire source to ignite all your fumes

The number one con to electric heat

  1.  It’s expensive to run

At 5000 watts it’s the equivalent of turning on fifty 100 watt light bulbs.  If you are in you garage all night every night or want to keep your garage at a certain temperature 24/7 electric heat probably isn’t an option.

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rick February 7, 2011 at 10:57 am

its a shame old style hot water radiators have fallen out of favor. They’re terrific for heating spaces.

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